This page is an effort to trace the descendants of Thomas Hurlbut of Wethersfield and William Hulbert of Enfield, Ct., who came to America about the year 1630.

NEW DNA Results of their descendants show that Thomas and William are not closely related.

The database contains 38,591 Individuals with 13,644 Families...Last updated April 2014

Thank you Alice Hurlbutt Gless, Mary Hurlburt Campbell, Bruce Hulbert, Gynon Nash, Sandy Brace, Elizabeth Abbott & Steve Schifani

There are so many people that helped bring this about that I just can't name them all. Thank You So Very Much.

Why is it our name has so many spelling variations?

Why is it so hard to trace our family line into England?

By Jeremy Hulbert  - Norfolk, England
an email to Gil Hurlbut November 1, 1999






 Date: Aug. 5th, 2017. Place: Orange Gun Club. West River St., Orange, MA 01364. Time/ 11:00 AM - 3-4:00 PM? Food and Beverages will be provided. Please bring memorabilia and stories to share. Questions: Please email or call me: cell# 413-658-5060. You may forward this early message to all who have email. Thanks. Pam Hurlburt Harris


Orange Gun Club 357 West River St., Orange, Mass.

Contacts: Jerry Hurlburt Augustine 603-358-3141

Pam Hurlburt Harris 413-658-5060 cell

James Hurlburt (201-288-4824) Hasbrouk Heights, NJ.
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         Information on English Ancestors of Hurlbuts including the Hulbert genealogy and its questionable authenticity. 

         NEW More English family information from Memoirs by Charles Hulbert (1852)

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  • The family name has been changed many times as it descends down through the generations. Some examples to be found are: Hulbert, Hulburt, Hulbut, Hurlbert, Hurlburt, Hurlbutt, and of course Hurlbut though I'm told it has been changed to a total of about 27 variations

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Richard Hurlburt (Hulbert)1574-1637,  Thomas Hurlbut 1651-1697,  Gideon Hurlbut 1688-1757,  Asher Hurlbutt 1762-1757





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At first I didn't know if this should be posted ...but here it is

     Tim Hurlbut     

The Streaker

He really likes Hockey

A Poster for Sharp Shooters Used During the Civil War

reprint of poster used with permission of Mr. Flayderman special thanks to Art Ruitberg.

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