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Worm Gear Every portion of the Hurlburt chassis, from the heavy frame, down to the most minute details has been designed and is built under the careful and continuous personal supervision of Mr. William B. Hurlburt.

The Hurlburt truck creates the impression of strength and refinement. All details have been carefully worked out, and when brought together, present a strong, well balanced, beautifully constructed and finished article.


It is largely due to the knowledge, training and untiring efforts of Mr. Hurlburt, that this form of final drive (worm gear) has been successfully used used in America, and has of resent years (1916) become the acknowledged standard for high grade motor trucks.

How well his plans were laid, how far seeing and how true was his judgment, has been proven by the fact, one by one, the other companies of America have fallen in line and have adopted his form of final drive.

Associated with Mr. Hurlburt in the ownership and in the management of the Company are some of the brightest and keenest minds and some of the most substantial business men in the country.

The heads of every department of the Hurlburt Motor Truck Company are specialists. They are men of long experience and thorough training, each in their own particular branch of the automobile business.

They are built of the best materials obtainable with the greatest skill that money can employ, and they stay made.

They are sold on plain statements of truth and they stay sold.

Every user of a Hurlburt Truck is satisfied.