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The History of the rise of this Company from a small, unnoticed beginning to its present (1916) commanding position in the great world of business is, indeed, "A Record of Progress."

A little over six years ago (1910), Mr. William B. Hurlburt, after having spent more than fifteen years in the mechanical and selling ends of the automobile business, decided that in the manufacture of a motor truck of the very highest type, built regardless of money spent, lay both in the greatest gain for his life's work. He began a consistent and conscientious study of the results achieved up to that time by the truck makers, both of this country and of Europe.

He became thoroughly acquainted with what had been accomplished in America and then made two trips to study European methods in the manufacture of motor trucks of every type and class.

It was during his sojourn in European countries that Mr. Hurlburt became convinced of the high efficiency of the silent, long lived worm and gear.

Upon his return to America, the Motor Truck Company, which bears his name, was founded, and took its place as a pioneer in the manufacture of worm drive motor trucks.

The Hurlburt Motor Truck Company began business a little over four years ago (1916) with small capitol. Few orders were taken during the first year. These vehicles were turned out practically by hand and after the order was received.

Little or no thought was given to the subject of profits. The building of these trucks was carried out with the idea always in view of giving to the purchaser the most mechanically perfect, heavy duty vehicle that money, brains and years of experience could produce.

There gradually grew up in New York City, a feeling of great confidence in the product and the service of the Hurlburt Motor truck Company.

The reputation gained during the first two years was of such high character that orders began to come in with little or no selling effort.

Gradually the size of the organization was increased and the services of the highly-trained experts were obtained. The modest factory at Fort George was quickly outgrown. (Fort George is located on the upper east side of Manhattan)

The truck using public had awakened to the merits of a truly well made vehicle, and the Hurlburt Company soon found itself in the position of having more orders on their books than could be filled from the plant that they then occupied.

Realizing that much of the product of the Hurlburt Motor Truck Company was in the hands of the New York City Purchasers, and realizing that many new orders for the Hurlburt trucks would be derived from this field, there was selected, after thorough and careful examination, the large plant formerly occupied by the J. L. Mott Iron Works, situated on the Harlem River and Third Ave, New York City.

Here the Company has many times the space formally occupied, with railroad and water transportation at its very door, and with every possible facility for taking care of the trade that has come to it as a result of its efforts in placing into the hands of every purchaser a truck that is, as near as humanly possible, mechanically perfect.

While only four months into the year (1916), the Company allready has unfilled orders on its books greater in number than its total sales for the entire year of 1915.

Sales in 1914 showed an increase over the year 1913 of more than 500%
Sales in 1915 showed an increase over the year 1914 of more than 500%