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The original Hurlbut apple tree was on the farm of Gen. Leonard Hurlbut in Winchester CT. More info.

This is the transcript of Cheryl Elliott. Her parents, Charles & Anna Jean Hurlburt died in the Oklahoma Bombing. 



Thomas Dyson Hurlburt was appointed a US Marshal by President Bush

Mark Hurlburt has his resume posted, think he’s looking for work.

State Representative Bryan Hurlburt Serving the 53rd Assembly District in Connecticut

Vocalist Skye Hurlburt with her chromatic harps

As a combat engineer, Chuck Hurlbut was among the first troops ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Shane Hurlbut is a cinematographer is a very impressive track record.

Thomas Hurlbut is a photographer.

John Hurlbut, on My Space. Kyle Hurlbut is there too.

J.F.Hurlbut Company…they sell stuff.

John Hurlbut has his own web site.

The Hurlbut Church in Chautauqua, NY

Ever been to Hurlbut Township, Logan County, Illinois?

Need a tent…Hurlbut Tent Rental can help.

Hurlbert Home Inspection

Wayne Hurlbert provides information about marketing, promotions, and public relations for websites and business blogs on Blog Business World.

Dr Stuart H. Hurlbert is Professor of Biology at Professor of Biology

Moving to Vermont? Call Matt Hurlburt

Mrs Hurlburt's Kids - You'll like this one

United States Marshal Thomas D. Hurlburt

Mary Hurlburt - Lives in Utah. She can help you live there too.

Todd Hurlburt - Racing

J.R. Hurlburt's a Racer too

Gwen Hurlburt is handy with a needle and thread.

Julia Hurlburt - Woman Suffrage and World War I. Julia Hurlburt (Bissell) of Morristown (1882 - 1962) 

Yes there is even a wrestler in the Melvin Hurlburt.

Visit the Hurlburt Clan...hosted by Bill Hurlburt in North Richland Hills, Texas

Charles Henry Hulburd was President of the Elgin Watch Company. They even named a watch after him. Here is an example...and another one.

Heather Hurlburt, a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, is a Michigan - based consultant and writer.  Here she tells you "Why Democrats Can't Think Straight About National Security"

John "Wheels" Hurlbut is a sound engineer in Toronto, Canada. He's got some good music for you.

Andy Hurlbut has a new album out entitled "Just Me"

David Hurlbut gives tours of former Dachau, Germany concentration camp

Marshal Max K. Hurlbut has led a life of public service that has included everything from arresting a drunk horseman in Tombstone AZ to nabbing a terrorist bomber at Los Angeles International Airport.  He is going to buried next to Roy Rogers when he dies. This article appeared in the September/October 1995 issue of American Handgunner.

FBI Special Agent Troy D. Hurlburt

The Mystery Series by Homer Hurlbut

Ralph "Junior" Hurlburt" and Case Hay Bailer and John Deere Tractor

William B Hurlbut is a member of the President's Council on Bioethics.

Russell Hurlbut is with the Dept of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology

Russell Hurlburt - The Beep Goes On.

Jim Hurlburt won best in show for his '77 F150.

Phillip Hurlbut author of "Jeraboam and the Amazing Spaghetti Mountain". This is a great little book, I have a copy and I love it.

At Aizona State U. Glenn Hurlbert is the Prof of Mathematics.

Sidney C. Hurlbert is a motivational speaker. He even has a movie...a good one too.

This is Hurlbert Swamp in New Hampshire. Looks like it could be a pretty place.

An interesting gentleman, General Samuel Holabird. Wonder how he fits into the family.

I like the way Lloyd Hurlbert has his family tree laid out.

This is Bob Hurlbert's home page. If you're having a problem with Quicken, Bob is a good guy to know.

For the finest in antiques, reproduction & interior design see Louise & Ralph Hurlbutt

When was the last time you saw a Hurlburt Truck driving down the road? You may want to visit our Hurlburt Motor Truck page.

Yes, some of our ancestors even made it into the Wethersfield Prison.

Ever wonder how Public Broadcasting got started? It had a lot to do with Raymond Hurlbert.

Anya Hurlbert MD PhD teaches at the Medical School University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

A letter from James Hurlbutt to his sister Charlotte dated January 26, 1865

Hurlbut Paper Mill in Lee, MA  map and info on owner Thomas Hurlbut.

Hurlbut Consulting Site specializes in development for the Microsoft® BackOffice® family.

Eva's Hungarian Recipes by Eva Hurlbut.

Roy & Jeff Hurlbert sell Toyota's in Stratham, New Hampshire. Stop on by and make a deal.

Doctor Philastus Hurlbut How does he fit into the picture...who was his father...his grandfather? Some added comments on his activities. There is even an award in his namesake.

Is this man Hollis Hurlbut or Donald Southerland?

Gamaliel Hurlbut The Roxbury, CT. counterfeiter.

Robert Hurlburt At the Hallmark Cards artist heaven.

Hurlburt Air Force Base Can't forget these fine people.

Hurlbut Computer Labs at Harvard.

Dr Russell Hurlburt Talk to him if your feeling depressed.

Fred Hurlburt on-line A site about Fred and his future career as a teacher.

Neal Hurlburt knows about outer space

The McMath-Hulburt Observatory at the University of Michigan

Harley E. Hurlburt and the ocean currents

Daniel Hurlburt is a student of photography

This is an interesting page on Comparison of Linked Pedigree databases

Need more links...try Genealogical Sites on the WWW

When it comes to which is the most popular last name, the source is

Hulbert - 5,780th most popular in the United States
Hurlburt - 9,682nd
Hurlbut - 13,750th
Hurlbert - 15,174th
Hulburt - 28,868th
Hurlbutt - 31,803rd

Estimated Family Households - per Halberts in 1998
              Hurlbut   Hurlburt   Hurlbert   Hulbert   Halbert
US            884       1305       635        1893      1641
Canada     103          99         85            90       145
UK            16            0           3         1058        281
France        1            0           0            36        175

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