Arthur ABER

____ - 1939

Father: James S ABER
Mother: Mary SHOEMAKER

Family 1 : Agnes GAY
  1.  Alton ABER

                   _Jonas W ABER _+
 _James S ABER ___|
|                 |_Jane STEWART _+
|--Arthur ABER 
|                  _______________


[122320] [S1084] Stephen Louis Schifani

[122321] [S1084] Stephen Louis Schifani

[150877] [S1084] Stephen Louis Schifani

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[99982] [99984]

1827 - 8 Nov 1889

Father: Alanson HURLBUT
Mother: Polly HURLBUT

Family 1 : Elizabeth Edmunds GREENWOOD
  1. +Willard A. HURLBURT
  2. +George W. HURLBURT
  3.  Frank N. HURLBURT
  4. +Walter L. HURLBURT
  5.  Doir HURLBURT
  6. +Jane HURLBURT
  7. +Fredrick HURLBURT
Family 2 : Leonora CLARK

                    _Ashahel HURLBUT _+
 _Alanson HURLBUT _|
|                  |_Miss SLOAN ______
|--David A. HURLBURT 
|                   __________________
|_Polly HURLBUT ___|


[99982] Source of our 'David' HURLBURT - On David's death certificate it said born in Vermont for Polly. and Alson Then in some census records David said he was born in Vermont.
From an email of Olive Mae Lindell @ March 2000: Yes I concluded that David did marry Lenore H Clark. Fae and I found proof when we visited the court house. YesterdayI found in the IGI Files a couple interesting Polly Hurlbuts born abt 1805 in Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt. Father was Bartholomew Hurlbut and Hannah Surdam. In my Vermont history Bartholomew Hurlbut and Mrs Hannah Hurlbut were early members of the Congregational Church of Sheldon. , Franklin Co., Vt. Then found another Polly whose father was Samuel Hurlbut and a Polly Butler. In the Vt. History there was a Rev. Samuel Hurlbut. Just interesting. In the marriages section never found a Polly marring aAlson Hurlbut. I printed out these findings and will save for futher reference. Yes David did definitely marry Lenore.

The family name has been changed many times as it descends down through the generations. Some examples to be found are; Hulbert, Hulburt, Hulbut, Hurlbert, Hurlburt, Hurlbutt, and of course Hurlbut though I'm told it has been changed to a total of about 27 variations

The records we have show a birth place of : Littleton Vermont existed from 1780 to 1797 in the geographic area which is now called Waterford Vermont. This area was in Orange County originally and later became Caledonia County. It is a beautiful town on the Connecticut River and is partially bound by Moore Reservoir. ( source) Mal Bevins, Chittenden County GENWEB Coordinator
Leonora was David's second wife Leonora H.Clark of W.Sparta married at W. Sparta Jan. 11, 1883 . Mary Beth Bimber found it in Mt. Morris Union, Jan 18 1883, Page 3. Don't know what to think of this second marriage -.Interesting. - I am wondering why when Elizabeth's death was reported in Mt Morris Union, Aug. 24, 1882 . It reported her age 58 and left 5 children. That is pause for thought. However in the census - taken 6/1/1865 reported Mother of 6 children. Guess I should not worry about. it. Papers makemistakes.
From his notice of Death as it appeared in the Dansville Express, The Nunda News and the Mt. Morris Union in Nov 1889, David was a brick maker, and a contractor. It is reported that he had the contract for the Livingston House block in 'this village' - uncertain if that is Mt. Morris or Nunda. He resided at the time of his death in Livingston County.
On the 06/01/1865 Census Anna Black - Irish Laborer was reported to be living with David and Elizabeth Hurlburt.
The 1830 NY Census Index references: (1) Hurlbut, Augustus NY GENESEE CO. WETHERSFIELD 309 1830; and a David H. Hurlburt also residing in GENESEE CO. but at COVINGTON N.Y. 187 Livingston County was formed on February 23, 1821, from Genesee and Ontario Counties. A portion Allegany County was annexed in 1846, and another portion in 1856. It is surrounded by Monroe, Ontario, Steuben, Allegany, Wyoming and Genesee Counties. The Genesee River cuts through the northwestern portion of the county. Conesus Lake, near the center, and Hemlock Lake, along the eastern border are the only considerable bodies of water. The 1860 census showed 39,256 residents in the county.
Individual: Hurlburt, D. County/State: Allegany Co., NY Location: Pike Page #: 119 Year: 1840 The original migration from New England to New York probably occurred because the availability of trees and farmable soil were disappearing. The immigrants and their children, now approaching adulthood and raising families of their own, were running out of room and resources. Several families banded together and when land became available moved as a group to begin new settlements. Many probably bought land without ever seeing it until they arrived. Some sent buyers to inspect and select the land to be purchased for the group.
They moved in large groups to the new lands. The same thing occurred there. The families in New York got too big and too many for the land to support so the more adventuresome moved West. The older ones and a few of the offspring remained. Gradually the family name disappeared from the intermediate communities as these family members either moved to be with others or passed away.
This is what happened in my family. In MA and CT there were tons of Clarks, Watkins, Slaytons, Metcalfs and Whitneys. The 1800's saw that name prosper and grow in Naples, NY. By the 1960's there were few to be found. 1990's - none. But, out West - thousands. The big thing was the ability to sustain a family with what was available where they were. I found several appearances of these names all along the way from MA to MI. Almost every town along the route has a family with one of these names that lived there at one time or another.
I don't think there were large pilgrimages by entire families from New England or NY like it would seem. I think the movement was more individually motivated by the need to sustain. Sure, the availability of land was a factor as well. But, I see the need to provide as the major driver for this part of the migration.
Some major movements were religious, freedom, land purchase or adventure motivated. But the majority was most likely needing to support a family. I found David's parents on his death certifiucate. It was at the village Clerk's offices. Genealogical Information (obtained from certificate of death)
Name of deceased : David Hurlburt Date of death; November 8, 1889 Age at death ; 63 - sick 8M (I assume 8 months) Cause of death: dropsey, Heart Failure - Medical attendant -- H. Povall. Occupation : Mason Birthplace: Vermont Father's name: Alson Hurlburt Father's birthplace: Vermont Mother's name: Polly Mother's birthplace: Vermont Place of Burial; Mt. Morris Date of Burial: ______ Undertaker: _______ Date of this search : August 18, 1998, by Olive Mae Lindell Great Granddaughter

[Brøderbund Family Archive #315, Ed. 1, Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1830, Date of Import: Mar 4, 1998, Internal Ref. #1.315.1.4672.162] Individual: Hurlburt, David H. County/State: Genesee Co., NY Location: Covington Page #: 187 Year: 1830
Shown below are the notes taken at the Minnesota Historical Society - April 23, 1998 1st Trip to Historical Society
Reference 1810 Census - New York @ Ontario County (No Kellehers or Crysts)
No Hurlburts only Hurlbuts Ref: Hurlbut Aaron @ Boyle (age 26-45) + female under 10; + female 16-26 Ref: Hurlbut Benj @ Boyle 3 @ males under 10, one male 45+; 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16; 1 female (26-45) Ref: Hurlbut Jno @ Honeoye 1 male over 45 Ref: Hurlbut Jno @ Palmyra 4 males under 10; 2 males 16-26; 1 male over 45; 1 female under 10; 1 female 26-45 Ref: Hurlbut Moses @ Bloomfield 1 male under 10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45 Ref: Hurlbut Rubus @ Honeoye 3 males under 10; 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 26-45 Ref: Hurlbut Wm. @ Boyle (age over 45) with Female over 45
Source: This small cemetary is on Sugar Hollow Road in Brandon, just north of Pittsford. Starting on Rt 7 at Plains Road, just opposite the Baptist Cemetery, drive 1 mile, turn left on Sugar Hollow Road and drive 3 miles. The stream crosses the road just before reaching the cemetery. When copied 14 Oct 1991 it could be seen from the road. It had previously been copied by Mrs. Alton Swan for DAR
--------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- ------------------------------------- I believe this record came from a Branches & Twigs (pub of Vt but was just in an old file of mile)
Hurlbut, Calvin, d 4 Aug 1817 in 36th y., Masonic, flag 'Vain world farewell to you, Heaven is my native air. I bid my friends a short adieu, Impatient to be there.' Hulbut, Benjamin, d 18 May 1810 in 64th yr. 'Depart my friends, dry up your tears I must lie here till Christ appears.' Hurlbut, Chloey, d 30 Jan 1817 in 59th yr. 'Remember me as you pass, by As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death & follow me.' Noyes, Daniel, d 19 Feb 1856 in 78th y., flag (base broken)'My flesh will slumber in the ground, Till the last trumpets joyful sound, Then burst the chains with sweet surprise, and in my Saviour's image rise.' flag by a field stone Noyes, Thankful, wife of Daniel, d 10 Mar 1841 in 57th yr. 'Jesus can make a dying bed Feel solt as downy pillows are. While on his breast I lean my head and Breathe my life out sweetly there.' Noyes, Amos son Daniel & Thankful,d 17 Mar 1817 in 4th yr. 'The spirit leaves his house of clay, To realms of bliss he wings his way.' Noyes, Ruth, dau of Daniel & Thankful, d 9 Aug 1857 in 39th y., flag, off of base) 'Sleep on sweet sister, May Angels watch over they Grave.' Noyes, Amos, d 28 May 1865 in 46th yr, flag (same verse as on Daniel Noyes stone)three or four other field stone markers. Stone listed by DAR, now missing: Hurlbut, Lorenzo A., son of Calvin & Lucinda, d 10 Nov 1816 age 3 yr 5 Mo. I felt these inscriptions were so tender and reflect the time period so I copied them also for those of you who have interest in old grave stones.
--------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- ---------------------- Since GRGrandfsther David Hurlburt had a Mason funeral. I found this information. What is a 'Masonic Funeral'?
'Any member who was in good standing at the time of his death is entitled to a Masonic funeral if he or his family requests it. Such a request should be made to the Master of his Lodge who will make the necessary arrangements with the family, the mortuary, and the minister. A service is authorized by the jurisdiction in which you are located, and consists of participation at the mortuary, the beginning at the mortuary and the closing at the graveside, or graveside only. Pallbearers will be furnished at the request of the family. In general, the Lodge will do as much or as little as the nearest relative wishes it to do.' (From a pamphlet, 'To the Lady and Family of a Mason')
I hear Masons refer to an 'apron'. What is that?
'During the ceremonies of his initiation, each Mason is presented with a white apron. It is, to him, an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason. It has, in all ages, been cherished by the rich, the poor, the high and the low. It is his for life. He will never receive another one and has, therefore, been cautioned to take it home and instructed in its care. While perfectly satisfactory for him to do so if he desires, he need not bring it to Lodge, as linen aprons are provided for his use meetings.' (From a pamphlet, 'To the Lady and Family of a Mason')
Date: January 11, 2000 Email from Olive Mae Lindell ' 28 sep 1826 Sheldon,Vt. on the 9th inst.Calvin Hulbert, aged 25 years.Likewise on the 19th,David Hulbert aged 19 years.11 oct 1827 died... in Sheldon,after a long and distressing illness,which she bore with a remarkable degree of christian fortitude and resignation,widow Mary Hurlburt,aged 58 years. Printers in Connecticut,are desired to insert the above.10 jan 1828 Georgia,Mr.Dennison Waller to Miss Love Hurlburt. 27 mar 1828 Georgia,on the 29th ult.Miss Armida Hurlburt aged about 22 years,daughter of Capt.E.l.Hurlburt.on the 17th inst. Capt.Ebenezer L.Hurlburt,aged about 60 years. 4 may 1831 married in Sheldon,on the 29th ult.Mr Joseph Shettle to Miss Charlooe St.Pier. Also,on the same day,Mr.Edward St.Pier to Miss Elvira Hurlburt.


[99984] Medical: Death Certificate reports age @ 63; sick 8 months

[99980] Dropsey - Heart Failure medical attendent H. Powell

[99978] [S977] Thomas Edward Kelleher

[99979] [S977] Thomas Edward Kelleher

[99981] [S977] Thomas Edward Kelleher

[147960] [S977] Thomas Edward Kelleher

[147969] [S977] Thomas Edward Kelleher

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Eeverett HURLBUT

____ - ____

Father: Isaiah HURLBUT

                   _Isaiah HURLBUT _+
 _Isaiah HURLBUT _|
|                 |_Lucy NARMORE ___
|--Eeverett HURLBUT 
|                  _________________


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Mary Clara HURLBUT


16 Oct 1850 - ____

Father: William Rufus HURLBUT
Mother: Clarissa Ann JONES

Family 1 : SHAW

                          _Rufus HURLBUT _+
 _William Rufus HURLBUT _|
|                        |_Mary PRENTISS _+
|--Mary Clara HURLBUT 
|                         ________________
|_Clarissa Ann JONES ____|


[76619] Resided, 1882, in Dorchester, Mass. (HG)

[76618] [S141] Hurlbut Genealogy

[145653] [S141] Hurlbut Genealogy

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Robert Alexander HURLBUTT

[81754] [81756]

8 Jan 1910 - 7 Oct 1982

Father: Frederick Nathaniel HURLBUTT
Mother: Winnie HAMILTON

Family 1 : Lucile Kathryn WHITE
  1. +Alice Ann HURLBUTT
  2. +Mary Ellen HURLBUTT

                                 _Frederick Augustus HURLBUTT _+
 _Frederick Nathaniel HURLBUTT _|
|                               |_Caroline OSGOOD _____________+
|--Robert Alexander HURLBUTT 
|                                ______________________________
|_Winnie HAMILTON ______________|


[81754] He was a cival engineer, having graduated from Rensseler Polytechnic Inst., Troy, NY. 1931, and was with the Rock Island District, Corps of Engineers, since 1936. From 1942 to 1945 he was Capt. and Major, Corps of Engineers in the U S Army. He resided 2319 LeClaire St., Davenport, Iowa 52803. (DNH EHH)

[81756] Born Robert Alexander Hurlbutt, he took the middle name of Hamilton after his brother died.

[81753] [S292] Descendants of Nathaniel Hurlbutt

[81755] [S781] Alice Hurlbutt Gless

[146005] [S292] Descendants of Nathaniel Hurlbutt

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Sherrill Nadine OLSON

1 Oct 1981 - ____

Father: Ronald K. OLSON
Mother: Janice K. BEARDSLEE

                        _Emil OLSON _______________
 _Ronald K. OLSON _____|
|                      |___________________________
|--Sherrill Nadine OLSON 
|                       _Kenneth Robert BEARDSLEE _+
|_Janice K. BEARDSLEE _|
                       |_Estella J. CLEVELAND _____+


[55407] [S92] Rathbun.FTW2.FBC.FTW

[55408] [S93] Rathbun.FTW2.FTW

[55409] [S94] Rathbun.Warboys.FTW

[55410] [S92] Rathbun.FTW2.FBC.FTW

[55411] [S93] Rathbun.FTW2.FTW

[55412] [S94] Rathbun.Warboys.FTW

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20 Apr 1754 - ____

Father: Ebenezer PEIRCE
Mother: Mary STOWE

                    _Ebenezer PEIRCE _+
 _Ebenezer PEIRCE _|
|                  |_Mary ____________
|--John PEIRCE 
|                   _Samuel STOWE ____+
|_Mary STOWE ______|
                   |_Sarah SNOW ______


[89993] Wm. Benedict & Hiram Tracy,ibid.
Systematic History Fund,ibid.


[89989] [S749] GEDCOM File James L. Collins

[89990] [S749] GEDCOM File James L. Collins

[89991] [S749] GEDCOM File James L. Collins

[89992] [S749] GEDCOM File James L. Collins

[89995] [S749] GEDCOM File James L. Collins

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Joel SMITH of Greenfield MA

____ - ____

Family 1 : Naomi FOX

|  |__
|--Joel SMITH of Greenfield MA
|   __


[96694] [S806] GEDCOM File Ed Colburn

[96695] [S805] GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\COLBURN_.T

[96696] [S806] GEDCOM File Ed Colburn

[96697] [S805] GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\COLBURN_.T

[147493] [S806] GEDCOM File Ed Colburn

[147494] [S805] GEDCOM File C:\TMGW\COLBURN_.T

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